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Hung Gar is a Chinese martial arts which had its origin in Southern Shaolin Temple, in Fukien (Fujian) Province in southern China.


It is said that the history of Hung Gar kung fu began in the 17th century with shaolin monk Gee Seen Sim, who in turn trained Hung Hei Goon (considered the creator of Hung style) in Tiger style. Later on, Hung Hei Goon (who secretly worked to bring down the Manchurian Ch'ing government and restore the Ming, like many others) learned Crane style from his wife Fong Wing Chun and combined it with his Tiger style. He added elements of the Dragon, Snake, and Panther styles, as well as techniques from the Five Elements style. This resulted in what he called Hung Gar style.

There have been especially recognized practitioners of this martial art, including Luk Ah Choi, contemporary of Hung, Wong Fei Hung, father of modern Hung Gar, Lam Tsai Wing, Wong's disciple and great promoter of Hung Gar, andWong Kee Ying, Wong's father and one of the 10 Tigers of Canton.


The fundamentals of Hung Gar have three sources: the Twelve Bridges, methods for transferring power to an opponents body; the Five Animals: Panther, Tiger, Snake, Crane, and Dragon; the Five Elements: Metal, Earth, Fire, Wood, and Water, which have their roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Its essential characteristics are firm, strong, powerful, and explosive movements, few kicks, low horse stance posture training, dynamic tension exercises, tough external contitioning methods and a unique internal energy cultivation method.


Regular practice of Hung Gar strengthens muscles and bones and increases joint mobility. Blood and Chi (energy) flow, envigorating practitioners' health. Because Hung Gar includes both internal and external training methods, the practitioner develops energy balance and a coupling between body and mind.

The Hung Gar style imparted by the Chinese-Mexican Wu-shu and Chi-kung Association is taught following the training program developed by Sifu Wing Lam, founder of the Wing Lam Kung Fu Federation.


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