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Tuesday, 31 March 2009 16:48


Also known by its pinyin romanized form, Changquan, it is a long-range martial arts style and, rather appropriately, its literal translation is "long fist".


The fundamental basis of Chang Ch'uan was probably developed by the founder of the Song dynasty in China, Emperor Taizu, in the 10th century. His martial arts was called Taizu Changquan. In the Ming dynasty classifications for combat styles began appearing, which became more detailed by the works of General Qi Jiguang and Master Cheng Chongdou. These two individuals catalogued the 32 basic postures practiced by Emperor Taizu. Modern Chang Ch'uan also has elements taken from other martial arts, such as Chaquan, Pao Chui, Fanziquan, and other styles.


Chang Ch'uan contains fundamental Chinese boxing techniques along with basic hand techniques, footwork, strides, looks, body balancing, jumps, choreographed movements and falls.


Postures are expansive and elegant. Movements are agile, fast and, along with the practitioner's flexibility, allow for jumps at great heights combining firmness with softness. Because of its characteristics, it is a style more adecuate for younger people who, through exercise antd practice, can more easily increase their strength, resistence, flexibility, speed and agility.


Chang Ch'uan helps develop body and mind, along with martial spirit, increasing agility, strength and the practitioner's character. It also teaches attacking and defensive skills, thus obtaining a body filled with vitality.

The Chang Ch'uan style wushu imparted by the Chinese-Mexican Wu-shu and Chi-Kung Association is based upon the training program developed by Sifu Chi Xianming, is supervised by the Hebei Wushu Association in China, and is taught by qualified staff.


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