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Written by C Fautsch   
Monday, 16 February 2009 19:13

Activities of the Association

It promotes the sharing of wushu and chikung knowledge by having its members train both in the country as well as abroad.

It organizes tournaments, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and events which disseminate wushu and chikung, promote well-being and cultivate the internal energy of each individual.

It is the only representative in Mexico of the Wing Lam Kung Fu Federation.


Programa y Sistema de Evaluación de la Asociación.

The study program for the practice of martial arts in the Association preserves the traditional Chinese way of learning, maintaining a quality-controlled learning and offers certifications.

The method of learning martial arts is designed in levels, students must learn the different techniques within the forms in each art. They must have command of the movements in one level to advance to the next. Movements, strength and speed, as well as other aspects of learning, are corrected in time as needed.

The students' advancement is evaluated monthly and, at the end of each level, they take an exam to earn the corresponding certification. This is a requisite that can have deserving students have a place as part of the body of instructors within the Association.


Benefits of the practice of Wushu and Chikung

Strengthening of values.

Change of attitude.

Positive habits, which help the indivitual in achieving and maintaining mental and physical health.



Mapa de la escuela matriz de la asociación
Location of the Chinese-Mexican Wushu and Chikung Association headquarters.
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